Thursday, June 3, 2010

A fine beer alternative

Here is my secret: I've never been a huge beer fan.

So compared to other culinary losses I've faced, giving up the barley-based brews wasn't a huge deal for me. It did, however, break my husband's heart. He has thrown himself into homebrewing over the past year. Since my diagnosis, he's been researching sorghum-based beers and plans to make one for me in the next month. We'll share recipes if we're successful.

Not a fan of sorghum beer? Me neither (with one exception, which I'll post about later). It's cool, though -- There is always hard cider.

Hard apple cider, like this one from Portland's Lucky Labrador, is naturally gluten-free. It's also naturally freaking delicious. I'm also a fan of Ace Pear Cider, which is available on-tap at several bars in Idaho -- unlike gluten-free beer, which is hard to find around these parts.

So yeah, I'll take the easy-to-find, deliciously fruity cider over the rare, kind-of-icky gluten-free beer on tap. With a side of pub fries, please.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A diner breakfast

I visited Bob's Red Mill in Milwuakie, Ore. on Memorial Day weekend. Along with a store front (and awesome prices on baking mixes), they have a cafe that serves breakfast and lunch. I got home fries, scrambled eggs, and GF toast -- the first toast I'd had since my diagnosis.

Side note: My husband's uncle apparently goes to Model A club with Bob's Red Mill owner, Bob Moore, and introduced me to him. He sports a red coat, cap and trimmed white beard, just like on the company logo. I was a little star-struck.